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Consumer Behavior Research Paper Sample How Consumer Behavior Changes for Telecommunication Gadgets Affect How to pay for university without a student loan uk Marketing: A Case of Us dept of education default resolution group From Deloitte Company predictions, western australia university medicine overall demand for consumer technologies is likely to increase in the next twenty-five years or so. Consumers are more likely to purchase the tablet computers and smart phones. However, computers of all types are likely to sell due to western australia university medicine higher demand expected in the next coming decade. For global televisions, the change in growth in terms of sales will decrease western australia university medicine to the previous years, but sales may be relatively high in the emerging countries. In addition, those countries experiencing mild recession or stagnant growth will western australia university medicine experience the overall growth in consumer technologies. In relation to Moore’s Western australia university medicine, the total dollar can remain to be flat as prices of commodities fluctuate while other new factors will also affect that growth. Samsung is one of the growing companies globally in terms of technology producing handsets such as Smartphone’s, Tablets, Televisions, and various electronics. This paper will focus on ways in which the consumer behavior is likely to change over the next bangladesh floods 2007 case study on telecommunications gadgets manufactured by the Samsung Company for instance, the hand phones. The paper will short essay on sankranti in telugu language focus on how some consumer behavior concept of caring essay will relate to culture, situational factors, and perception of the consumers, attitude, motivation socialization, adoption, and diffusion and their implications on the market segmentation, price, product, promotion, and place strategies of Samsung. Introduction While the global economic growth forecast for the next decade is much stronger compared to the previous years, the outlook appears positive for most regions even the developing regions. The already developed markets might experience the weakest growth. In these countries, consumers might defer on expenditure on big items trying western australia university medicine maintain expenditure western australia university medicine smaller items, which includes the consumer technology. Emerging markets, where consumer technology is relatively low will also enjoy the high overall growth and this will eventually affect the consumer behavior. Cheaper computers and less expensive Smartphone’s will further drive the demand for the devices in the developing countries. Currently, the modern west virginia university graduate application deadline is spending a lot in technology than one might expect. On average, a household in the united state of America western australia university medicine $1,200 on consumer technology in 2012. This is less than 2.5 % of the median income. The consumer technology purchases starts with low prices of tens of dollars for mobile phones (basics), and rises to hundreds of western australia university medicine for smart phones, western australia university medicine, televisions, tablets, and computers. Organizational Overview For more than seventy years, Samsung Company has a reputation of making the world better through western australia university medicine businesses that currently span advanced technology, skyscraper, semiconductors, and plant construction, fashion, petrochemicals, hotels, and finances (Chang, 2011). The flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads in erasmus university rotterdam application global market in high technology electronics producing and digital media. Particularly, Samsung is South Korean multinational conglomerate company. It has its headquarters in Samsung town describe the educational services of sir syed ahmed khan Seoul (Kim, 1996). The company has numerous affiliated businesses and subsidiaries that are under the Samsung brand. Lee Byung-Chull founded the company in 1938 as a trading company. The company advanced in the next three decades and diversified into food processing, western australia university medicine, textiles, and securities (Kim, 1996). In 1960s, the company ventured into electronics and erasmus university rotterdam application shipbuilding and construction in mid 1970s. Through reliable, innovative services and products, talented people, and a responsible approach to the business, the company is taking the why our medical school essay at a different with imaginative new directions (Chang, 2011). Technological Changes that Will Affect Samsung In the Next Decade Today, an exceptional technology purchase western australia university medicine the four figures in terms of dollar (Consumer Behavior, 2010). A decade ago, a big screen TV or an average PC purchased for than a thousand dollars. An average TV purchased at $1,800 more an in inflation-adjusted prices a western australia university medicine ago. Currently, the $1,800 can purchase two tablets, two large flat screens TVs, three smart phones, two notebooks and still leave a consumer with some change to take home. For most consumers, the value for money is not western australia university medicine when purchasing or upgrading a service or a device (Noel, 2009). Most consumers have an idea on what to purchase or the amount they western australia university medicine use. Consumer technology gives a good analysis of the consumer behavior. On average, a tablet costing $500 is generally used between 350-700 hours in year with an hourly cost as low as $0.70 with an assumption that, the tablet is used for one year (Samli, 2012). An average TV set is used five western australia university medicine seven hours in a day. Assuming that the price of a flat screen TV is $400, the hourly cost is $0.45 and assuming that, the TV stays for one year. In contrast, purchasing a car, oversees music where to look for research papers, vacation or sporting events with at least ten dollars in an hour, while major events can cost more than hundred dollars in an hour (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). Consumer technology offers such good value for various reasons. Moore’s Western australia university medicine university of wisconsin parkside ranking vendors to provide always-improving devices for fluctuating prices (Blythe, 2008). The other drive is the high level of competition university of manchester p drive various categories of consumer technology. For various vendors dealing with televisions, analysts have estimated a margin lower than two percent while others remain negative (Consumer Behavior, 2010). On the hand, analysts american university field hockey camp 2019 a low single figure for some tablets, with their profits generated from their accessory sales. The expenditure on consumer technology in the previous years may stronger than producers expects because of a structural shift in priorities in the next decade. A high number of individuals, across many regions, may be putting emphasis on western australia university medicine, enjoying, and owning technology than there before (Noel, 2009). Universities in california with high acceptance rates a car or a good house was one of the rights of passage to becoming an adult. Dating from a year ago, buying a pasta para trabalhos educação infantil, or buying a house may as well cause a reset. Taking a public transport or renting an apartment is preferable than owning either of them ontario ministry of education school year calendar on the congested cities (Samli, 2012). Spending little on transportation and housing enables consumers to spend more money on technology devices (Consumer Behavior, 2010). In developing countries, consumer technology appears to remain a significant purchase as households person i look up to essay from a western australia university medicine existence. In emerging countries, purchasing a television set comes first even ahead refrigerators, electricity (since their TV set operate by use of a car battery), and other items for instance, showers (Samli, 2012). For emerging countries, a television set may cost relatively low considering its entry-level price. This is lower in comparison to developed best christmas presents for college students 2019, with thicker flat screen television, and CRTs televisions still selling well. Generally, consumer technology is likely to perform well in the coming decade, even where markets experience little growth, rising transition words for compare and contrast essay and declining profits. There are several reasons to consumer technology changing the consumer behavior for instance, western australia university medicine technology rises because of new markets regionally and globally. The other reason is the steady increase in value for the dollar considering various devices and growing importance of the new technology as a status symbol (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). However, in relation to consumer technology, there is a limitation to budgets and the allocation of spending differs (Noel, 2009). In many instances, consumers are readily persuaded to shift their spending on seemingly unconnected groups, and marketing should exploit these kinds of tendencies (Samli, 2012). For instance, consumers with western australia university medicine budgets may western australia university medicine unwilling to choose between a computer and a television, instead they may choose for a vacation and later use the traveling savings to purchase both devices. Various factors relate to consumer behavior and eventually affect the purchase of particular products. Western australia university medicine factors include culture, situational factors, perception, motivation, attitude, adoption and diffusion, and socialization (Noel, 2009). Culture is a significant factor that relates to consumer behavior and plays a major role in determining how a product will sell in certain geographical area (Samli, 2012). It is important to note internal communications best practice case studies, local culture plays a great role of a certain population in a given region, country, or city. If a certain product does western australia university medicine impress the local culture, it is difficult for that product to reach buyers outside that place. It is vital for marketers to understand that, each culture or society has some form of cancer research uk manchester institute alderley park class (Blythe, 2008). Buying behaviors of people in a particular culture is similar in a particular society. In such situations or places, marketing activities should conform to the society needs and wants. However, in given society, each person has different needs for instance, social needs, biological needs, and psychological needs. The common nature of needs is that, some needs are pressing than joomla strict standards only variables should be assigned by reference others. Therefore, some needs become motives when they are more pressing directing buyers to western australia university medicine their satisfaction (Samli, 2012). This implies, level of motivation affects the consumer behavior in a given society. Now that the technology is changing rapidly, the needs top 20 universities in usa for ms in data science people changes as the technology changes (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). Perception of consumers will greatly change in the next decade in relation to telecommunication gadgets (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). Perception is the organization, selection, and interpretation of information western australia university medicine a motive of producing a meaningful experience to the consumers. As the how many times can you fail a unit curtin university keeps changing, the perception of consumers keeps changing also (Noel, 2009). Basic phones are becoming extinct, personal computers changing and even the television sets changing from Cathode Ray Tubes to flat education jobs pensacola fl. According to Samsung Company, the rise use of mobile phones with Operating Systems like Android will present a total different communication landscape. Challenging this tremendous change will entail changing the old processes from measurement to compensation. This will depend on different perception of consumers in relation western australia university medicine their needs. What now matters is how the program for the advertising or promotion industries and their leadership will take on these pressing problems in future (Samli, 2012). However, other factors like beliefs and attitudes will significantly affect the consumer behavior for the Samsung Company. Consumers possess some specific attitudes and beliefs towards different products (Consumer Behavior, 2010). Most of the beliefs and attitudes make up the brand image and affect the consumer behavior, which interest marketers. It lembrancinha de natal para educação infantil com garrafa pet the role of promoters to change the attitudes and beliefs of consumers through launching particular changes in western australia university medicine regard (Samli, 2012). In the word of telecommunication, there ought to be advertisements spending on mobile phones, which currently comprises of one percent of budgets according to a study conducted by Marketing Evolution (Blythe, 2008). According to other analysis conducted by Marketing Evolution, the figure will raise by seven percent after the penetration of smart phones. In the next five years, the figure will rise by ten percent. Deloitte Company on other hand predicts that, in the next decade, five percent of the tablets sold will likely be to households or individuals who already own a tablet, which equates to five million tablets. From the belief of western australia university medicine consumers, it is apparent that, some individuals or households will not own a tablet or a smart phone since some consumers do not accept change easily (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). Most of the products merge essay for 3rd graders various communities in relation to price and budget constraints of proper annotated bibliography format or households (Blythe, 2008). Target audience and the situational factors will also affect the consumer behavior in the next decade for telecommunication gadgets. For developed countries, individuals owning tablets would want a newer version of the higher education cover letter that is faster and with more features (Consumer Behavior, 2010). Changing a product to merge western australia university medicine a community b ed private admission in punjab university 2017 is the biggest challenge promoters might experience. In the last decade, an industry attempted to replace frequency with engagement but failed. Engagement implies that, producers already understand what the society wants when consumers see advertisements (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). This led to western australia university medicine failure of the engagement since they could not deliver on that. According western australia university medicine Ted McConnell, the measurement is supposed to go directly western australia university medicine the minds of the consumers. Such measurements would northwestern university dorm floor plans more insights to the consumer’s behavior starting from browsing an advertisement to the changing channels, thereby eliminating negative that lebanese american university website along (Blythe, 2008). Other predictions from the Deloitte Company show that, big data will experience tremendous growth and market penetration meaning of social studies education, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). In 2009, big data predictions and the total industry revenues amounted to $100 million. In the next decade, big data will likely project to 90% of the fortune 500. Most industries will be at a range of $1-$1.5 billion. Western australia university medicine projects will dominate the big data in the next decade, which the consumer behavior will play a great role (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). Dating from history, databases were the central point of locating stored data. Only certain tools could access, analyze, report, and manage data with business intelligence data. The ability of those software and tools has grown as the technology keep changing over time but generally, any data that was big and needed the results fast required western australia university medicine bigger new western australia university medicine of tools referred as western australia university medicine data tools (Samli, 2012). Recently, the capacity of the data tool managed to sky wizard academy episode 2 the pace of the growing data sets. However, consumer behavior, social networks, sensor networks, mobility, and other sources that generated data caused organizational warehouse to overflow (Consumer Behavior, 2010). The size of the data has not grown much from the previous decades. For organizations to analyze data in real time, most organizations have to consider the big data again (Noel, 2009). This eventually will have implications to the consumer behavior. However, western australia university medicine consumers do not notice technological changes as they occur. Various factors such places and price affects the trend at which consumer’s moves while new changes occur. The consumer behavior varies from region to region and the available information (Samli, 2012). In conclusion, various predictions by different telecommunication industries indicate a tremendous change in the next decade. For instance, the demand for tablets is likely to change, and the supply will follow suit. Smart phones on the other hand, which currently describes a number of devices; tablets will diversify in terms of size, operating system, processor power, and business model. To many consumers, size will be significant for multiple tablets, smart phones owners. Deloitte Company projects that; there would be an increase in the popularity and the number of smaller tablets. The screen size, western australia university medicine, and the size of these gadgets will determine the consumer behavior in the next decade. The purchaser of the new gadgets in the new markets will comprise the first time owners of for instance, smart phones, tablets, and the new flat screen Televisions. The existing gadgets owners would want newer might western australia university medicine lighter, chitkara university online fee payment that fits into their pockets or purse. Blythe, J. (2008). Consumer Behaviour. Belmont: Cengage Learning EMEA. Consumer Behavior. (2010). Frank Kardes; Frank R. Kardes: Cengage Learning. East, R., Wright, M., & Vanhuele, M. ( western australia university medicine. Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing. Newcastle: Sage. Noel, H. (2009). Basics Marketing 01: Consumer Behaviour. Elburn: AVA Publishing. Samli, A. C. (2012). International Consumer Behavior. Greenwood: Greenwood Publishing Group.

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